Top 2 Tips to Help You Take the Twitter Plunge


Take the plunge

Twitter is a vast and ever-changing social media landscape.

It moves quickly and frequently.


All types of people use it, and more importantly, all types of people use it differently. Businesses and corporations don’t use Twitter the same way that the average person does which can make running a Twitter account seem confusing and complicated, especially for those who don’t already have a personal account.

Here are some simple points to remember that can make a Twitter account much easier and less daunting.

There are a lot of different tips and tricks to running Twitter accounts, for both personal and professional use, because everyone handles (no pun intended) their own Twitter experience differently. Some people tweet hourly while others are perfectly content to tweet just once a day or even less.

Which is why the first point on this list, for business and personal use, is to JUST DO IT. Spending hours agonizing over the perfect tweet really just means that those hours are spent not tweeting anything at all. Does that mean it’s silly to check tweets for typos or mistakes before hitting that Tweet button? Of course not. (Especially those hashtags #whichcanjustgetsolongandhardtoread!) But don’t let the fear of tweeting something silly or dumb prevent you from tweeting at all.

The second point on this list is geared specifically toward businesses, but can be helpful for anyone, which is check your hashtag BEFORE you use it. This is really just a simple search on Twitter of the hashtag you want to start using. Why? Because if it’s a hashtag that you want your followers to use to be able to connect with you or a hashtag that you want your followers to use so that you can connect with them, you want to be sure that no one or nothing else that you don’t want to be associated with has used the same hashtag.

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