Think Email is Dead?

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With Facebook, Twitter, and the latest social media platforms, email marketing is old school, right? Think again. People read more email than ever and they continue to scan inboxes for offers or deals specific to what they need.

A recent study conducted by McKinsey & Company, a global consulting firm, indicates that email is 40 times more effective at getting new customers than Facebook or Twitter. Read on to see our top five tips for email.

Trim Your List

Set aside some time to update and clean up your email list. If you receive email that has bounced back, make sure you find the correct information or remove the offending email address from your list. Some automated email marketing programs do this for you. Make sure your email message contains an unsubscribed option because this will help you avoid being flagged as a spam offender by honoring unsubscribed requests.

Think Mobile

People don’t really read email on their phones, do they? The truth is that lots of people read email on their phone. One statistic indicates that 41–45% of people regularly read email on their phones. Ensure your email gets read by designing it for mobile use. Focus on a responsive design that adjusts widths based on the device you are using, but also consider how fonts, images, and colors will appear on a smaller screen.

Target Segment

Sending everyone on your email list the exact same messages is not a best practice. Segment your lists and send applicable offers or messages to the appropriate clients. Track your previous interactions with your clients so that you know what they care about. Focus on creating messages that are useful and interesting.

Turn General to Personalized

A personalized email experience goes beyond, “Hello buyer” to, “Hello, Jessica Jones,” and is used very closely with targeting segmenting. Your clients want to know that you are actually connecting to them at a personal level. Include personalization both in the body of the message and in the subject line when possible. This again is accomplished by tracking their previous behavior with your company or business.

Try Visuals

People prefer interesting visuals. Have your message include images that trigger a pause-and-view effect with your clients. You want them to continue reading your message. Videos are also a growing trend in email marketing.

Most businesses are using email at some level, but making sure your email reaches your clients’ mailbox instead of ending up in the spam folder requires some work. Keep in mind that everything does not necessarily come down to just one click of the mouse. It’s about continuing the relationship with your clients.

What tips would you add or remove from this list as a best practice?

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