The Life of a Tweet

Life of a Tweet


Tweets have rapidly become a mainstay in most forms of entertainment. From sports broadcasts showing athletes’ tweets to news channels like CNN implementing live tweets from viewers, Twitter has been infused into society to the point where even technological illiterates know what it is. The primary form of content on Twitter is tweets — 140 characters at most. But what is the life-span of these concise messages? Let’s travel with a tweet in real-time to find out:


The first step in a tweet’s journey comes from a Twitter user’s brain, onto their keyboard and into the Twitter-sphere. Once they click ‘Tweet’, the message is there for the world to see, along with any hashtags or links they choose to include.

Five to 30 Minutes Later

For the next 30 minutes or so, the tweet will be very visible to Twitter users who follow the account from which the tweet was submitted. Unless one is following thousands of accounts, most tweets on their home page will have been submitted less than 30 minutes ago. The tweet is still visible at this point, but views will drop significantly shortly.

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